My name is Rameez Quadri and I am a Graphic Designer as well as currently a writer for The Epic Network. All my designs and pieces of work will be featured through here, as well as inspired quotes and any sort of important news on my behalf.

My work is a mixture of different things, all that eventually interests me. From Branding to straight-up Photography, hopefully there's something people can enjoy viewing through my work. 'Ramz' is my nickname, and 'Ramz Doodles' is my personal "self-marketing", which is where the podgy face above this comes from. There is also a Ramz Doodles store, where I sell some of my prints you can see through here (Etsy Link)

I hope you like what you see and I thank you in advance for checking out my work, I hope you like what you see. Feel free to leave me a message and/or find me on Twitter/Facebook. I do end up replying back.


Following the beginning process of my Monster Brains chocolates (checkout the video), these are the final outcome of the packaging design. One solid colour with the front representing the monster and details of the flavour, with the tear-strip ripping through the heads of the monsters revealing a ‘brain-like’ package inside. the idea being that you are eating the brains of the monsters.

It’s intent and audience suits that of kids and Halloween themed fans. Whilst I was told to change up my original Om-Nom Chocolates, this was still a process where I wanted it to be simple as well as (hopefully) attractive & playful.

My Om-Nom Chocolates have not been replaced however, as I intend to always favour them more than I do these. Nonetheless I am satisfied with the results, I think, and judging by the feedback I was receiving from my tutor, this was all that I could vision in what he/they meant.

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